Inter-ethnic meeting places

Inter-ethnic Meeting Places: Ethnic Segregation and Integration across Multiple Life Domains

This research examines ethnic residential segregation and how it is linked to ethnic segregation and integration in other important domains of daily — family, work, and leisure time — where members of the immigrant and ethnic minority population potentially meet and interact with members of the native majority population.

There are competing views that explain the internal migration and residential change of immigrants upon arrival: increased minority segregation due to outmigration of natives from the shared neighbourhoods, spatial assimilation as minorities integrate socially and move up in their career as well as residential ladder, or dispersal into co-ethnic neighbourhoods. However, it is still not well known how meeting with members of the native population in life domains such as workplace affects the spatial trajectories of immigrants and ethnic minorities.

Further, the links between social and spatial integration and segregation are not straightforward either. More knowledge is needed about the mechanisms that lead towards ethnic segregation and integration across multiple life domains.

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